Edison777 in Italian Village: 2021 Year in Review

Goodbye 2021!

As we begin anew and embark on 2022, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on an incredible and exhausting year. So much happened this year and at times we weren’t certain where we were heading but knew we would make it through together.

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Despite the frigid temperatures one can expect during a Columbus winter, construction continued! With our first wedding in July quickly approaching, we started working on the final design details. Although construction can be intimidating, choosing paint and tile is nothing but exciting.


From the warmth of our sister venue, The FIG Room, we started booking events for the summer and fall of 2021! Our foam board renderings provided our future clients with a clear vision for the space. In hindsight, it is pretty incredible to see just how accurate those original renderings ended up being!



Windows might seem like a silly thing to get excited over, but just look at ours! Having these beauties installed was a huge construction milestone, especially with our grand opening on the horizon line.


As Lisa continued to fill up our calendar, it came time to expand the team. Izaya joined us in April!


Details, baby! With the bulk of our structural renovation complete, in May we focused on the details. Hanging drywall, laying tiles, and finishing our concrete floor were the big-ticket items this month.



Grand Opening! What a labor of love to get to this point. Cleaning, decorating, and celebrating was what June was all about. We did it! We opened a new (and gorgeous) venue during a very complicated time for the hospitality industry. AND we looked good doing it! 


First Wedding! On Saturday, July 10th Maggie & Evan Kaczor became the first couple to EVER get married here at Edison777 in Italian Village. They held their ceremony out on our patio and then danced the night away with 140+ of their closest friends and family. The weather was perfect, and the venue stunned every person who walked through the doors.

Social/Corporate: 0

Wedding: 2


Fully finished and established in the community, we had a big booking month in August. We watched our 2022 quickly fill up and even had a few couples sign on to get married towards the end of 2021. Edison777 in Italian Village feels like home.

Social/Corporate: 2

Wedding: 2


This was our first full month! At least one wedding every weekend along with social and corporate events throughout the week. We loved being busy! Seeing guests coming in and out of the building all the time just felt right! We never grew tired of seeing our client’s reactions when they would first tour the space, in awe of the incredible transformation. 

Social/Corporate: 5

Wedding: 4


The weather was wonderful, and we had a fun month of ceremonies and corporate cocktail hours happening out on the patio. So many of our clients who had booked the venue based on renderings were now getting to come in and see the finished space. It was nice to take a few moments to celebrate opening the venue and going right into a successful wedding season.

Social/Corporate: 3

Wedding: 3


We kept chugging right along! Our weeks were filled with social and corporate events and weddings all weekend long. The colder weather moved us indoors, but that is never a bad thing here. The brick walls and string lights were so cozy as we watched the begin to set earlier and earlier.

Social/Corporate: 4

Wedding: 3


With our 2022 calendar filled, we took time to bask in the glory that was 2021. 16 weddings, 17 corporate and social events, and countless happy tears. We feel thankful for Edison777 in Italian Village. We wrapped up the year with a huge over-the-top NYE wedding. It was the perfect way to set the tone for 2022! 

Social/Corporate: 3

Wedding: 2

To all the event pros we had the pleasure of working with this year, thank you! We made it to see 2022! It’s always a privilege getting to collaborate and work alongside each of you.

And now cheers to the new year!

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